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to serve others with the knowledge and experience that God has given me. 

Fred, I love this stove, I am heating almost 4,000 square feet and the house is over twenty years old. I have no trouble holding a fire overnight. I installed the stove in my basement and it heats the basement and both floors above. The first floor is kept very warm. So very nice to have warm feet.   Steve   Kamloops, BC 

Fred, after a long wait the Radiant-stove is installed in our home. I'm absolutely amazed at the difference in the burn characteristic between the Radiant-stove and the woodstoves I'm familiar with.
You've developed a marvelous product sir. Thank you for all your effort to get it to me here in Alaska. All that your web site attests to are true. We couldn't be more pleased. Jess Tremaine

FRED,  We love your woodstove. It solves our needs, and we are considering your W-90 Seton boiler. We are re-building: becoming a 2-family divided home, plus workshop, all with radiant heat, using your Seton boiler. Thank you for the integrity of your work,     OWEN

Dear Fred, I am writing this email/letter to say that I am most pleased with my Seton wood stove. It is so simple to use and yet so effective. I have a non-boiler plain stove that basically acts as a clean burning home incinerator for wood. Including my partially underground  basement, your wood stove allows me to keep my entire home ( 4400 square feet) in the very comfortable 70's. Before I bought my stove , I looked at several name brands of both catalytic and non-catalytic wood burners. It seemed that the biggest difference between many of them had to do more with cosmetic details instead of functionality and simplicity. Since reliability was more important than "pretty" to me, I choose Seton ( when I purchased my unit , it went under the name of the UGLI stove). There is nothing like being warm in the fall/winter and I have only good things to say about this company and their product. There is no need for me to go into technical details, the manufacturer of this product can do that for you. Suffice it to say that I would purchase another one of these stoves tomorrow if I needed one but I am sure that my current Seton wood burner will continue to keep us warm for years to come. Thanks again.  Sincerely,           Martin   Palmyra, IN. 47164

  Aside from the few emails I exchanged with Fred I don't know him from Adam and yet my instincts--for what they are worth--is that his stoves are everything he describes and more and that your assessment of his character is accurate.

  Hi Fred, that darned freight outfit had no small delivery truck, only a 48 footer with lift gate. So I picked up the stove myself in Abilene. I got it home and a neighbor came over with a Bob Cat that had forks. we went under the stove carefully after unbolting it, lifted it off the pallet and put it real close to it's spot in the barn. I had some new pipe to use, no problem using the 6 inch stuff, no smoke either when the door opens.

  I built the fire, and was surprised at how fast the good heat came out those 9 exchanger pipes. I well imagine a person should run that fan too if letting the draft stay open at all. But how about when draft is closed, ?? for two nights now I just shut the fan down and close the draft. I don't think too much heat is up top to worry about warping or damage?? The stove held coals and warmth for 12 hours until I got back outside to re-stoke it. My cats seem to have a happier smiley face now. I'm sure when I work out there on a cold day and run the fan with draft open I'll be smiling more too!!